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One of the reasons we got into this business is to provide help when people need it most, and our customers seem to appreciate it. Please read the testimonials below to see what people are saying about our employees and our service and then contact us when you need a tow or other roadside assistance.

“These guys are stellar. I recommend them highly.”

People say to ignore 5 star ratings so that is the only reason I didn't give this business 5 stars; they deserve it.

We experienced a dangerous vehicle breakdown during this past summer while travelling through Cranbrook on vacation. The guys from Van Horne arrived promptly and towed our truck and camper into town quickly and safely, recommended an exceptional mechanic, and helped us out with some other work we needed to get done. They went out of their way to help us and I recommend them highly.

Our experience started out as a really frightening situation in a community where we didn't know anyone and we didn't know who to trust for recommendations. These guys are stellar. I'm just sorry it took me so long to get this review up on Yelp.

Mary M.

Calgary, AB

“Prompt, professional and incredibly kind”

This past June my elderly mother and I were driving through Cranbrook on our way to Fairmont Hot Springs when the engine in our truck abruptly lost power and we found ourselves in need of roadside assistance.

Our situation was stressful, with heavy traffic speeding past, a steep, rocky slope flanking the highway shoulder, limited time available on our cell phone, and uncertainty as to where we have our vehicle towed for repairs.

BCAA dispatched Juan from Van Horne Towing in Cranbrook to help us. Although I have already praised Juan’s work to the BCAA, I want to express to his employer as well my appreciation for the prompt, professional and incredibly kind manner in which Juan helped us to resolve our situation.

I was concerned not only about the health and safety of my mother, but also whether our vehicle could be repaired and the likelihood that we would miss my nephew’s graduation banquet scheduled for that evening.

The first thing I noticed about Juan was his attention to safety in getting Mum out of the vehicle’s passenger side, where there was very little room to stand, and into the cab of the tow truck. Once I was in the cab with Mym and our truck was on the flat deck, Juan definitely helped to calm what, to me, was a stressful event. We decided to have the truck taken to Northstar in Cranbrook for repair and Juan escorted us into the service department and handed us over to the care of service manager Lou Williams.

Happily, with a half hour we learned that our truck’s engine had shut down because of nothing more serious than rodents nesting in the air filter! Repairs did not take long and we were soon on our way, arriving at Invermere in time to see the Grand March of the graduates and attend the dinner.

I would like to express our grateful thanks again to Juan for all of his help and extend our best wishes to him. Our thanks and best wishes go also to Lou Williams, who expedited the repairs to our truck. I can truly say our needs were more than met and an all-time high standard for customer care was established. Thank you all again!

Gail A.

Comox, BC


Rofina from Alberta had her car towed from Wasa over the weekend. Jamie was the tow truck driver and she just wanted to express her gratitude and say how amazing he was!


“Great service”

What great service, guys!

Tim W.

“You do good work”

Thanks for the tow on Baker Street a couple of Fridays ago. You do good work with a great smile and happy personality. Much appreciated.

Carol A.

Horse Freed from Well in Brave Rescue

By Sally MacDonald

A 900-pound horse is nursing nothing more than a tiny cut to his foot after falling into a 20-foot well on a gold Creek property.

Last Tuesday morning, when it was -29° centigrade, 2-year old Justice managed to break the planks covering an Artesian well in his enclosure and fall with his back legs first into the deep, freezing waters.

“We don’t know how, but the cover gave way and he fell straight down,” said Justice’s shell-shocked owner, Sherry Mohr. “Maybe he reared up and it made the wood collapse.”

Sherry boards her 5 horses on the property of Brian Lindhorst. Miraculously, Brian had the day off Tuseday and he happened to look out his window to see mayhem in the horse enclosure.

“My other horses were going berserk around the well,” said Sherry.

Frantically, Brian called Sherry who rushed over from her home on King Street. When Sherry arrived at around 9:45 a.m. Justice was submerged in freezing water up to his neck.

“I thought he was going to freeze to death,” she said. “I just laid there and held onto his head and waited for the vet to come.”

Sherry called Uli Helvoigt at Tanglefoot Veterinary Clinic as soon as she realized Justice was in serious strife. Uli dropped everything and rushed to the scene, along with her husband, Nathan, fellow veterinarian Gayle Cummings and her husband Wes, and Gayle’s brother, Jeff.

The horse was already hypothermic when Uli arrived.

“Uli took one look at him and gave me the odds of 10% for his survival,” said Sherry. The vet couldn’t sedate the horse right away for fear the anaesthetic would make him even colder.

Uli said, “I’ve never seen this before. They don’t teach you this in vet school. I don’t know how, but we’ve got to get him out.”

In a stroke of genius, Uli realized a tow truck would be the only way to rescue the shivering horse. Sherry called Rob at Van Horne Towing, who rushed to the property.

“When Rob got there, everybody pulled together. We were pulling the boards off, pulling up fence posts,” said Sherry.

With an idea of how Justice could be rescued, Uli was ready to sedate him – so Rob attached her to the end of the tow truck’s boom and lowered her head first into the well.

“I remember Uli saying, “Off with the pressure! Off with the pressure!” They operate the boom with hydraulic levers and it was going down too fast, so she asked him to pull her back up, but it was pulling her up too much,” said Sherry.

Once Uli had 2 feet on the ground, the next step was to attach Justice to the boom. “We had to get down to his front legs, which were buried deep in the water. Because the water was so cold, Rob dropped 1 of his hooks down and we hooked it underneath Justice’s leg. Then we grabbed tow wraps and put them around his 2 front legs,” said Sherry.

Finally, at 10:58 a.m. they slowly pulled the unconscious 900-pound horse out of the 20-foot well.

“Uli was telling me the hypothermia could kill him, he could have broken legs, he could have broken his back. And even by pulling him out we could have snapped his legs because of all the weight,” said Sherry.

Unbelievably, when Justice was set down on the ground and Gayle had a chance to inspect him, he had no broken bones. In fact, his only injury was a small cut on his fetlock that Uli patched with 2 stitches.

But the rescue wasn’t over yet. Justice had been trapped in water that was around 0° centigrade, but the air temperature was -29° centigrade and he was soaking wet.

“I ran to the house and grabbed all the bedding. I came down and we’re all putting blankets on him and trying to towel dry him and keep him warm,” said Sherry.

It was too dangerous to move Justice into a trailer while he was still unconscious; waking up in the confided space would have made him panic and hurt himself. So all they could do was wait for the horse to wake up. “We were going to use the IV to put some warm fluids into him while still outside, but it was so cold that the saline was freezing before it could even get in there,” said Sherry.

About an hour later Justice came to, but he was shaking too much to stand. Again and again the crowd of more than 10 people struggled to lift the horse upright, to no avail. Just as someone ran to get a tractor, they gave one more mighty effort.

“He jumped up!” said Sherry. “He was a little staggery, but he jumped up.”

Uli led Justice into the trailer and drove him to Tanglefoot Clinic where he was hooked up to a warm saline drip. It was 1:00 p.m. and they had been outside in the cold for more than 3 hours.

“Uli phoned me that night to say that Justice was doing really well. And Gayle phoned me the next day about noon to say I could come get him,” said Sherry.

24 hours after he was pulled from the well Justice was back home, the same as he ever was. “I was so happy to have him home,” said Sherry. “It was a phenomenal rescue. I want to put a big thank you out because it was just unbelievable.”

Now, the horse with 9 lives has been rechristened something different: “We call him the miracle horse. His new name is Miracle.”

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